Furniture construction with veneer Express Fixmasse peeled maritime pine

Individual interior design and customised furniture for the Zingg-Lamprecht AG showroom in Wallisellen.
As an independent interior design company, Zingg-Lamprecht develops individual room and furniture concepts that inspire, connect and function. As implementation partner, Vifian. was able to realise customised zones such as kitchen & bar, wardrobe, lockers and cupboards, as well as the canopy in expanded metal. A timeless and modern result that fits ideally into the working environments in the Zingg-Lamprecht show room.

For the furniture, real wood veneer of peeled maritime pine was veneered as veneer Express Fixmasse with fleece on the back on MDF. Since plywood warps, this procedure was chosen so that the furniture retains its shape. A timeless and modern result.

Thank you for the great cooperation...

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