Project support from veneer selection to successful project completion

In order to bring your project to a successful conclusion, we accompany you from the selection of veneer to the completion.

At the beginning, the type of wood, quality, laying method, veneer thickness, etc. is determined by us at and fixed in a tender text. In addition, pictures and samples are created.

We help you to ensure that the project will ultimately meet the wishes of the planners/architects/builders. We ensure continuous monitoring during the entire construction phase.

In projects where several contractors are involved, there is a risk that the coordination of the veneers may be forgotten. As a consequence, the components that meet in the end do not fit together, or only insufficiently.

In order to prevent this, a kick-off meeting with the parties involved is organized at the beginning and it is determined how the individual companies are to process their veneers. Veneer deliveries are also sorted and delivered in batches based on master samples. The entrepreneurs themselves decide whether they would like to process the veneers "in house" themselves, or whether they would like to purchase ready-jointed veneers, veneered panels or elements from Roser AG. In this way, we achieve a homogeneous and high-quality result even with large objects.