Coated or not coated is the question

Basically we distinguish 2 types of laminates: HPL (High Pressure Laminates) and CPL (Continuos Pressure Laminates). However, these differ significantly in their production.

HPL is pressed in a multi-layer structure of resin-coated papers in a stack press using heat and pressure to form an HPL board. This makes the surface of the plate more robust and resistant.

The CPL plate is produced in one piece in an endless press and then ripped. The pressing pressure is built up continuously by different roller systems. However, there are still differences in surface hardness, which can be felt - and visible - especially at higher loads.

Depending on the manufacturer, decors, formats and structures are very different. For indoor and outdoor use, special thicker compact panels have been developed, which with additional UV coating also provide good color stability in outdoor use:

Compact Plates: