Improve your room acoustics with FURNIER EXPRESS Acoustics and create stylish and trendy spaces. The slat wall can be installed in the living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. Not only looking beautiful, but also dampens sound and drastically improves the acoustics in your room.

VENEER EXPRESS Acoustics offers the interior decorator the "all around carefree package", since the scope of delivery already includes the screws (depending on the fleece color in black or gray) in addition to the 2 acoustic panels per box. However, the assembly can also be done differently (see pictures). Only the substructure has to be mounted on the wall or ceiling and the acoustic panels can be screwed onto it. The at first sight large format of 2400 x 600 mm is light and easy to handle due to the acoustic fleece. The acoustic fleece is produced from recycled PET bottles and absorbs sound between 500 - 2000 Hz. This filters out loud conversations and regular noise in the household. If this sound absorption is not enough for you, you can also fill the area between the substructure with additional insulation (we recommend using at least 45 mm insulation). 

VENEER EXPRESS Acoustics has the same surface as the 4 Layons Nature, Antique, Stone and Mocca and is also brushed.

We now have newly stocked FURNIER EXPRESS Acoustics with US Walnut and additional a plain, light oak Rift sanded with gray fleece. Our new Roser products ideally complements the existing Veneer Express Acoustic line to the more rustic oak veneers Mocha, Stone, Antique and Nature.

Now NEW on stock: Veneer Express Acoustic US Walnut

We have expanded our Veneer Express Acoustics range, which now includes US walnut.


Acoustic panel in US walnut
Surface sanded with sound absorbing fleece (black)

Wood type:US Walnut
Format:2400 x 600 x 23 mm = 1.44 qm per panel
Carrier:black MDF strips veneered (cross-section approx. 27/13 mm) on approx. 10 mm thick acoustic fleece (fleece B - s1, d0 (RF2)) and (MDF D - s2, d0 (RF3), formaldehyde content ≤ 5 ppm, E1 classified).
Surface:Veneer sanded
Assembly:Mount the substructure on the wall/ceiling at right angles to the direction of travel of the slats (center distance max. 600 mm). Use at least 15 screws (4.8 x 25 mm) per panel. Screw through the fleece for fastening. Screws are supplied.
Packaging:2 elements per carton
Stock items:Available from stock, orderable in our Webshop

VENEER EXPRESS Acoustics Oak with grey fleece

Format:  2400 x 600 x 23 mm                          


  •  approx. 0.6 mm thick veneer deck
  •  MDF Standard Lamella 2400 x 27 x 13 mm
  •  Gray acoustic fleece (made from recycled material, PRT) 2400 x 600 x 10 mm
  • including 15x facade screws (light gray 4.8 x 25 mm) per panel
  • Mounting options: Fastening on slatted frame with supplied screws (visibly screwed) or with construction adhesive and countersunk pin (small nail)

Mounting options

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