Solid wood floors - beautiful by nature

Initially, all wooden floors were made from one piece of solid wood.

In the course of industrial development, wooden flooring became more and more a qualitative and technically mature product. With sealed 2- and 3-layer parquet floors, today demanding objects can be executed in large dimensions without the risk of cracking or curving.

But real solid wood floors remain unique! They are beautiful and unique by nature and give the room a natural living feeling. At the same time they provide a good and healthy room climate and are absolutely environmentally friendly - pure nature. A solid wood floor guarantees longevity. A solid and robust floor - a floor for several generations.

Even with selected quality and best processing a solid wood floor lives. Fluctuations in humidity can lead to cracks in the joints. However, these make every solid wood floor a very special living experience.

We would be happy to show you all the possibilities with natural solid wood floors in our