Solid wood panels - the all-rounder ...

In the course of the development of the wood-based panel industry from a simple sawmill and planing mill to a modern and efficient timber industry, solid wood panels have probably taken the biggest step.

Originally, the carpenter cut, glued and planed the wooden boards himself. Today, there is often a lack of time, the raw material dried for processing or simply the necessary machines. Today, the customer can choose the material suitable for his purpose from a huge range of solid wood boards. Analogue to the blockboard, besides the single-layer boards also boards with multi-layer structure (e.g. 3-layer etc.) are produced. 

The main advantages are that the boards have an excellent price/performance ratio, the quality is clearly defined and the waste of the solid wood boards is calculable. In addition, the aspect of naturalness and ecology is clearly given more attention with the use of the "solid wood panel".

Basically we distinguish 2 areas:

  • Softwood – Solid wood panels
  • Hardwood – Solid wood panels

Softwood – Solid wood panels

Mainly used in interior finishing for all kinds of carpentry work as well as by woodworkers for structural applications and facade cladding.


Hardwood Solid wood panelsThe field of application ranges from sophisticated furniture components with continuous lamellas to frame extensions for fire protection doors in finger-jointed oak. The variety of formats, thicknesses and wood types is immense and can be seen in the webshop.