Robust table leaves smoked in acacia

The new cafeteria of the Basel Kirschgarten school building by HHF Architects was installed in a break corridor open on one side. The flowing light-abstract world inside is grounded with powerful furniture, which appears almost rustic in the colorless room. The architect chose a durable solid wood that is not commonplace and has proven itself in use. At the same time, the natural structure and warm hue of the wood should correspond to the character of the stylish rooms. Acacia steamed and smoked is a hard, difficult to work wood, which gets a calm violet-brown color through the steaming process and is also easier to work. The oiled surface gives the furniture a natural, pleasant expression. The stools and tables divide up the long room, can be combined in numerous ways and are easy to store when not in use: The stools are stackable thanks to their sloping sides, and the slightly splayed legs of the tables can be folded away. When the table is standing, the weight of the top stabilizes the legs - a development that is as simple as it is elegant.