From thin and flexible to strong and resilient

In recent years, the plywood product range has experienced a real renaissance.

Plywood panels are often and gladly used both in the interior and in weather-protected outdoor areas. From 0.6 mm thin aircraft plywood for the production of tight radii to 60 mm thick birch plywood for highly stressed carrier parts, plywood panels are used again and again.

In addition to their use in the construction/technical sector, plywood panels have increasingly been used in recent years for interior design for decorative purposes or in furniture construction. Kitchens in colored birch plywood, entire furniture and interior fittings made of maritime pine plywood or cupboard units in beech plywood; there are no limits for designers, planners and interior fitters.

It should be noted that due to the multi-layer structure of the plywood panel, it may tend to warp or bend. However, these can be prevented with an appropriate arrangement of the fittings and suitable fastening.