Carpenter's blockboards – the value-added carrier version

Carpenter's blockboards are among the oldest industrially produced wood-based panels.

It was recognized early on that the stability of wood as a material could be significantly increased and improved by the so-called "shut-off function". These properties are also implemented in the modern wood industry and the panel-shaped materials are continuously improved. The middle layer of the blockboard is usually formed by block-glued spruce strips, which are covered on both sides with a face veneer or chip or fiber cover across the running direction of the middle layer and are thus "shut off". This significantly increases the stability and load-bearing capacity of the board.

Carpenter's blockboards are characterized by their low weight, high load-bearing capacity, good durability and good screw resistance.

In addition to the simple variants with raw veneer deck for subordinate applications, today there are carpenter's slats in coated or veneered versions for high-quality and demanding work. 

An additional variant is offered with the OSB Combiline. The central layer of OSB has the advantage of not having a "running direction",unlike blockboard, which does not have to be considered when cutting to size. The OSB Combiline is also available in raw or coated versions.