Cutting techniques

Flat slicing:
Cutting technique: halved log, sliced from the outside
Veneer figure: When slicing flat, the veneer sheets on the outside of the trunk show a vivid grain pattern because the vegetation zones (annual rings) are cut at a very flat angle. The closer the cut is to the core of the trunk, the more the annual rings are cut at right angles. The veneers show an increasingly stripy structure.

True quarter slicing:

Cutting technique: quartered block (facing the quarter), sliced at right angles to the annual rings. This results in a striped veneer (rift veneer).

Rotary peeling:

Peeling technique: Block clamped in the peeling machine on the central axis, peeled spirally from the outside.
Veneer figure: wild, irregularly figured pattern. Depending on the type of wood, nests (walnut burl) or eyes (birdseye maple) are created.

Eccentric and stay-log peeling:

These production techniques produce veneer patterns similar to those produced by slicing.
Peeling technique: During stay-log peeling half-block is eccentrically clamped on rotating beams; peeled very flat by annual rings.
Veneer texture: Stripy on the side, floral texture inside.