Diversity without borders

The possibilities of coating chipboard with decorative resin-coated papers have been expanded enormously in recent years. Not only the variety of decors, but also the various possibilities of surface structures have been developed and expanded. From dull matt to high gloss or from the simple wood pore structure to the amazingly real synchronous pore - almost all levels of surface technology are used.

To find the suitable decor is not always easy, the collections of the suppliers are broadly developed and nevertheless each supplier has its strengths and advantages.

Thus, the Swiss Krono with the One World collection enables a well-structured, consistent system with which both the decor panel, as well as the matching edge and HPL panel, but also the covered panel in the same decor can be determined.

Swiss Krono:


At the same time, the Austrian plant in Egger also offers a broad and consistent collection with good vertical integration:



Fundermax is another supplier with an equally broad decor collection and a good affinity for design and colors: