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Life-saving complete course

On 05.11.2019 our first live-saving (BLS – AED – SRC) course for all employees of Roser AG took place. We learned the most important life-saving measures for resuscitation and their deepening and application to adults and children in different situations.

What means BLS – AED – SRC?

BLS = Basic Life Support
AED = Automated external defibrillator
SRC = Swiss Resuscitation Council

In a varied and playful way we trained the BLS-AED measures in realistically simulated scenes:

  • in case of cardiac arrest (BLS = Basic Life Support) in adults and children and the application
  • the AED device (AED = Automated External Defibrillator).

The course included the following topics:

  • Recognize and assess emergency situations including heart attack and stroke
  • Problem solving in emergency situations
  • Unconscious positioning
  • Procedure according to "Algorithm BLS-AED-SRC"
  • Basic skills training (initial assessment, cardiac massage, ventilation, defibrillation using AED in adults and children)
  • Explanation and discussion of the rescue chain
  • Processing of at least 3 case scenarios with increasing complexity

After completion of the course, the BLS-AED-SRC certificate was completely renewed with a validity of another two years.

We are now prepared for all emergencies and hope that they will not occur.

Life saving complete course

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