Trend color GREY - Stone Veneer

Noble and natural shades of grey are increasingly found in interior design with veneer.

Roser has succeeded in producing the natural greying by means of oxidation in various woods containing tannic acid (oak, eucalyptus, etc.) in a color-stable way. The tannic acid present in wood, especially in oak, reacts with metal ions, resulting in a durable and very decorative natural coloration of the wood. This is an absolutely natural process, without the use of chemicals or pigments. A world novelty on a natural basis in harmony with nature.

Roser has now brought this process to market maturity and offers completely core gray veneers from stock. This outstanding achievement was recognised in the form of 2nd place in the HWS Innovation Award 2022.

Currently, 10 variants / wood types with natural greying are available from the Roser warehouse. A great veneer project, made in Switzerland.