Open. Closed. Roser doors

In its current function, the door not only provides a separation between 2 rooms. Rather, it has developed into a multi-functional part and all-rounder.

Increasingly, prefabricated door elements are being used in construction and conversion projects. Whether on wooden frames, steel frames or prefabricated door linings - for all door elements, the function and purpose is the main focus.

The right choice of doors for your rooms should therefore be well thought out and planned. Starting with the spatial conditions - how much space is available - what should/must the door be able to do - to the visual appearance - and what do I like today, but also still in 10 years? 

A helpful tool is Dana's checklist, which provides a comprehensive overview.

In the at Roser you can look at, touch, open and close almost all possibilities and be informed about the respective advantages.

A formal declaration of performance is mandatory for the manufacture and installation of exterior doors. This declaration of performance can be drawn up by the processor himself according to the instructions of the producer. Further information is available at