Technology and material of the future?

After an initially rapid increase in products with recognizable characteristics of "lightweight construction", the situation has calmed down again somewhat. Not everything that is light is then also cheaper.

But the industry has made progress and, especially with "thick" panels, the use of lightweight panels is entirely justified and indicated.

The lightest board is the SWAP board with an upright honeycomb core made of cardboard, covered on both sides with kraft paper and therefore amazingly stable. This board is used today for decorative purposes, model construction or in furniture manufacturing.

Due to its low weight and stability, the blockboard is also very popular as a lightweight board. Especially the screw strength is a convincing argument.

Available in raw, primer foil or coated versions, Egger Eurolight offers a wide and attractive range of lightweight wood-based panels, which can be used to cover practically the entire interior design. We would be pleased to give you further information on joining techniques and what you should pay attention to when cutting to size