Incredibly quiet...

In recent years, room acoustics have gained in importance and weight.

Various systems are used. Important aspects are the required sound insulation and absorption values. In many cases, the acoustics also give the room an identity, which is consciously used by the architect and planner. Good examples are the concert halls of the KKL in Lucerne or the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. In part, the price component also influences the choice of materials. Here, too, there is a wide range of proven materials to choose from.

A product which convinces us due to its acoustic performance and sustainability (cradle to cradle) is the acoustic panel Whisperwool​​​​​​​ made of Tyrolean sheep wool:


In addition to solid wood panelling, veneered or lacquered elements are also available for selection in the wood/wood-based materials sector, which are particularly convincing due to their simple assembly.


A large variety of decors and formats are available from the wood-based materials sector with decorative surface coating or CPL flooring, which are also relatively easy to install and offer good value for money.


The following products are suitable for fire protection:


As accessories or load-bearing element for timber frame construction we can recommend: