Veneer Imager - New digital service for veneer customers and architects

Digitization is on the advance in all branches of industry, including Roser AG. From now on, the stored veneer is scanned photo-optically in a continuous process with the new veneer measuring system "Veneer-Imager". The veneers are not only measured, quality-sorted and labelled, but also digitally recorded as complete batches with high resolution. "This enables our customers and partners to inspect the veneers in advance and also make a pre-selection without having to be on site first", explains Tobias Scherg, Head of the Veneer Division at Roser AG. For this purpose, the images and measurement lists are simply sent digitally to the customer, who can then view the veneers and zoom in as close as they like.

Take advantage of the new digital, free and location-independent service from Roser AG today and have your veneer offer sent to you with high-resolution images.