The all-rounder with potential

MDF (medium density fibreboard) was created as an innovation and from the further development of chipboard. Apart from many advantages, chipboard has one major disadvantage. In interior finishing, the cut edge of most prefabricated parts must be provided with an additional edge, which releases the open and rather brittle middle layer of the chipboard.

The MDF was created from this movement. A panel-shaped wood material, easy to process - and the edges do not need to be additionally processed. They can be left raw or primed or painted. 

After the breakthrough of raw MDF, MDF with primer foil or coated MDF was quickly offered. Especially the panel priming foil offers the advantage of easier edge processing and the fact that the surface and edge can be finished in one step and no intermediate sanding is necessary.

The MDF range is constantly being expanded. In addition to the attractive solid colored MDF for a dash of color in interior design, the MDF Tricoya is absolutely suitable for outdoor use.

Die Swiss Krono CDF also offers a variant with coating for highest demands.

The MDF boards are pressed under high pressure to form a hard and stable board. The opposite is produced with the soft fiber board. These boards have a high insulation value and are used in modern timber construction as insulation or insulating material. In contrast to rock wool or glass wool, they are much more ecological and have better summer thermal insulation.