Rotary cut veneers

The anatomy of the wood gives us the possibility to achieve the most diverse wood structures by using different processing methods.
Especially when peeling the trunks, the individual annual rings are cut very flat and a very expressive and extraordinary structure is obtained. 
In addition to the well-proven classics such as bird's-eye maple, American maple, birch and various burl woods, we also process maritime pine logs as rotary cut veneer.

The structure of the classic maritime pine plywood panels inspires architects, but the use of these panels in high-quality interior design is very critical.
There are also limits to the use of plywood in fire protection, doors and acoustic applications. 

Selected maritime pine logs are peeled into 0.8 mm thick veneer. The veneer sheets are joined and assembled according to the customer's specifications and then pressed onto the desired carrier. From chipboard and MDF boards to plaster-based carriers such as Knauf or Norit, any common carrier can be covered with sea pine. Even acoustically effective, micro-perforated panels are no problem. Matching edging material can also be produced on request in various thicknesses and widths. Our own production ensures that even large objects can be realized with a homogeneous appearance.

We have also already achieved great results in peeling ash, oak and beech. Contact us for an individual consultation.

We also have rotary cut veneers as Veneer Express Layons in our assortment: