Veneer Elm stone - shapes dignified surroundings

The opening of the ZHB marks the end of a long, 12-year planning and implementation process. The National Monument presents itself in new splendor. The architects from Halter Casagrande Partner AG were looking for a special type of wood for the interior fittings to do justice to the time-honored building.

In the of Roser AG the choice fell on elm Stone. This is elm veneer, which is colored using a special, natural process. An iron/tannin reaction gives the wood a natural and warm color tone and thus blends discreetly into the existing building.
Thanks to this process, all veneered interior fittings as well as the parquet flooring and the stair steps could be designed naturally and homogeneously.

The entire order was optimized and tailored to the customer's requirements. Thanks to the electronic data transfer and good cooperation with Roser's cutting center, the many different parts could be cut and delivered in the series of subsequent processes.
On the customer side, further operational savings were achieved thanks to the detailed information on the label.

Wood type Elm Stone:

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