French walnut veneer for Murifeld pharmacy in Bern

Team Graf AG from Münsingen specialises, among other things, in high-quality object and shop construction. For the conversion of the Murifeld pharmacy in Bern, the client wanted French walnut. In order to make an initial selection, we digitally sent various woods of Swiss origin to the client. Thanks to our "Veneer Imager", which images each veneer bundle, we can send a large selection to the customer within a very short time. Team Graf selected a log from this selection together with the client and received a sample sheet for sampling.

We then cut the log to size according to the customer's specifications/drawings and laminated the back with fleece. The sheets were then pressed onto the carrier plates by Team Graf, processed, lacquered and mounted.

A super result with a noble walnut veneer - congratulations for this great work.



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