Veneer genuine Oak, bog - Precious surfaces at the jeweler

In 2011 the architectural office Wyss + Santos has enlarged and redesigned the premises of Seiler Jeweler in Basel. Now the customer is surprised by a new appearance in friendly beige and brown shades when entering the premises.

All materials, colors and the entire lighting concept were chosen so that together they form the appropriate background for the jewelry pieces. The counter, various pieces of furniture and the staircase were veneered with two thousand year old Oak, bog from Roser. The back wall plays with facetted individual surfaces ingeniously with the light and is reminiscent of the surface of a diamond. The milling of the individual elements from MDF was part of the manufacturing process. Roser had them machined on a 5-axis CNC.

Pictures of the interior of the new store Seiler Juwelier at Gerbergasse 89 in Basel:

Picture Oak, bog


Downloads (German only):

Wood type Bog Oak:


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