Veneer „Quilted Maple“ in the garden pavilion

To simply call the design of the team of architects Erny & Schneider a "garden pavilion" shows the demand on the outbuilding for a private builder. "The garden pavilion is designed as a year-round usable guest and study room with kitchen and bathroom. The entire back wall of the building, which is constructed of smooth limestone concrete, is clad with built-in furniture, the veneer of which is made of a "quilted maple" maple trunk and interrupted by several niches in brass. After the pre-selection by the architects, there was a second appointment in Birsfelden together with the client. "The decision was made for one maple trunk with the quilted maple veneer. Its size, color and very special structure are perfect for a new location in the garden pavilion," says Margarete Hilfinger of Erny & Schneider. "The wavy grain that appears quilted in the tangential cut is extremely rare and only occurs in trees from the Midwest of the USA," explains Tobias Scherg, Head of the Veneer Division.

Photos © 2015, Atelier Fontana

Wood type Quilted Maple:


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