Veneer Walnut american

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Wood speciesWalnut american
Bot. NameJuglans nigra
Tradename EnBlack Walnut, American Walnut
Type Deciduous tree
Color Light Brown, Brown, Black
Thickness 0.6 / 0.9 mm
Wood Structure Quarter Cut, Crown Cut
Country of harvestNorth America
Usages Interior, Furniture, Door
Certification available as FSC-CW

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Detailed Description

Up to 40 m high tree with diameters up to 250 cm. Shaft mostly knotless up to about 8 m. Bark with small scales, peeling deep fissures, of dark grey colour.

Tradenames and other names

Bot. Name: Juglans nigra

Tradename De: Schwarznuss, Aminuss, Amerikanischer Nussbaum

Tradename En: Black Walnut, American Walnut


Raw density: 580 - 650 Kg/m3


The American walnut tree grows in North America. It is widespread in the southeast of Canada, the midwest and the northeast of the USA.

Characteristic and wood color

Sapwood and heartwood sharply separated. The sapwood is almost white and narrow in forest trees - about 2.5 cm -, but in free standing - up to 8 cm.- The heartwood shades from light brown, slightly purple to deep dark brown, in forest trees deep chocolate, silky shine. Fork branches and root pieces are nicely wavy and grained. Pores large, clear, evenly distributed. Fibre and colour deviations are frequent.