Exquisite Walnut american veneer in Merian Iselin Hospital

For the extension of the Merian Iselin Private Clinic in Basel, furniture, built-in wardrobes, bathroom fittings and a reception counter were manufactured.

The new private area of the clinic with suites and single rooms for 28 patients should have a spatial exclusivity, in which high service standards are provided. For the rooms, Roser's carpenter was given a good 3000 m² of panels veneered with American walnut and cut to size.

What at first appears to be normal veneer work, at second glance reveals itself to be something special. Because "unusual for a clinic is that so much veneer could be used. The rooms should remind patients more of a hotel stay than of a clinic," explains architect Silvio Martignoni of Vischer AG, architects and planners in Basel.

To ensure that the private patients really feel comfortable, an art consultant was also on the team to develop the color and material concept. Together, the Roser AG decided on the use of American walnut, a rarity in hospitals.
"The only thing in the rooms that reminds one of a clinic is the rollable patient bed with its functionalities. Here we had to take into account the clinic's uncompromising concern for the patients," says Martignoni.


Picture © www.vischer.ch



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