Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) - Veneer European Walnut

What lasts long will finally be good - on 31.10.2020 the international airport Berlin Brandenburg BER opens its doors. The architects of GMP (Gerkan, Mark and Partners), who were responsible for the construction of Tegel Airport in Berlin in 1965, have laid another architectural milestone with the new BER almost 55 years later.

Meinhard von Gerkan: "Airports must have an extremely robust structure; they must leave room for expansion. This is the only way that functional logic can have the upper hand. The emphasis is on the conceptual, not the design."

The interior of the new Capital Airport features only a few noble and timeless materials. Glass, natural stone and European Walnut. All veneers for this major project were sliced, joined and supplied by the Roser company. Over 120,000 m2 of raw veneer was used for the BER. After slicing the logs, each individual veneer deck was assembled by hand according to the architects' specifications and joined into a panel using state-of-the-art technology.